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MD 288 Elite Rack

High Density with Maximum Flexibility
The versatile MD 288Elite Modular Dimmer Rack is designed for flexible dimmer configurations in a compact space. The Teatronics Lighting Controls high density MD 288E 7200 dimmer rack can accommodate up to 288 1.2 kw, 144 2.4 kw, 72 6.0 kw, 36 12.0 kw dimmers, or any configuration of dimmer modules as specified. The MD 288Elite is also available in a 48 module configuration as the MD 288E 4800.

Solid Construction / Efficient Cooling
All control and dimming modules are the plug-in type. The modular design construction allows ease of module relocation. The dimmer modules are fabricated with a proprietary aluminum extrusion die. This insures efficient cooling, excellent performance, and extended life of the electrical components. Our rugged mechanical design and sturdy construction results in safe and dependable connections for power and control.

Each dimmer module is cooled individually with fresh air through the front of the rack. All modules cool evenly with warmed air exhausted through the top of the rack. Temperature sensors and fan-speed control electronics are employed to maintain a safe operating temperature range. In addition the MD 288Elite protects itself with automatic dimmer shut-off, should the internal temperature rise above safe operating limits, and restarts itself when a safe operating temperature is restored.

Simple Electrical Installation
The MD 288Elite Rack requires front access only for installation and maintenance, enabling it to fit easily in equipment rooms with space limitations. This rack can be driven with AMX-192 or DMX-512 protocol. It also accomodates an EM-ONE control electronics module (optional). In addition, analog control is available for up to 36 dimmers per rack, 12 per phase.

You can expect long-term, reliable operation thanks to the advanced power and control connection technology. The MD 288Elite Modular Dimming Rack, combined with the MD288Elite Modules, will provide you years of trouble-free operation ..... an Elite combination that won't leave you in the dark!

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