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Producer 3 Console

The Producer3 Control Console is Teatronics Lighting Controls sophisticated computer-assisted lighting control console, that operates in the style of a conventional manual system. The five year battery saved memory means you don't have to worry about unforeseen power failures. 

Simple yet Powerful

The Producer3 is available in 24, 36, or 48 channel two-scene configurations, each with three unique operational modes; Submaster/Cue mode, two-scene Channel mode, and one-scene Channel mode. The submaster/cue memory assignment is a true load from manual operation. Anyone who has used a conventional two-scene manual console will find the Producer3 to be extremely user friendly.

The Producer3 electronic soft patch allows dimmer-to-channel patch assignments, and simplifies patching at selected levels per individual dimmer. Chases are as easy as assigning dimmers, channels or submasters(cues) to steps, selecting preprogrammed attributes, then playing the Chase back with Rate and Level controls. Bump buttons are programmable for On/Off status, level, and Bump/Solo status.


The Producer3 is built with an aluminum enclosure containing sufficient sliding potentiometers for two-scene preset control of each channel, 10 sliding potentiometers for control of 10 dedicated submasters, and a fade rate slider for each scene and the Grand Master, plus additional slide potentiometers for control of momentary (bump) level, chase rate, chase intensity, and gooseneck worklight intensity.

The Producer3 control console is capable of controlling up to 512 individual electronic dimmers via a single DMX 512 control cable of not more than four shielded conductors.

The console weight and dimensions are as follows:

Producer3 224 -- 22 lbs. (10.0 kg.)
Producer3 236 -- 27 lbs. (12.3 kg.)
Producer3 248 -- 32 lbs. (14.6 kg.)

Dimensions: (H x W x D)
Producer3 224 -- 5.50 x 43.40 x 15.00 in. (14.00 x 112.80 x 38.00 cm.)
Producer3 236 -- 5.50 x 53.30 x 15.00 in. (14.00 x 138.60 x 38.00 cm.)
Producer3 248 -- 5.50 x 63.20 x 15.00 in. (14.00 x 164.30 x 38.00 cm.)

The console requires no special mounting. It is operable on a flat plane surface. The console requires no cooling or venting, provided that the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit).

The console is operated from a source of 120 volts AC, 60 hertz at 1 ampere maximum current draw. The power inlet is an international style disconnecting power inlet. Glass or ceramic cartridge fuses installed in the primary supply of the console protect all units from overcurrent faults.

The Producer3 outputs both USITT DMX 512 and USITT AMX 192 control signals simultaneously. The control console is capable of driving up to 1000 feet of cable with no modifications. The console offers two AMX 192 outputs controlling 384 dimmers and one DMX 512 output controlling 512 dimmers.

The console provides resident memory capacity for up to 80 dedicated pile-on submasters (8 pages of 10 each) and up to 192 crossfading submaster memories (8 pages of 24 each) along with fade time patch and chase effects.* This information is accessible without the use of a disk drive or other mechanical storage device. The output level varies linearly in proportion to control settings. Output levels of all channels track within 2% of each other for equally set controls. Outputs are capable of going from full ON to full OFF, or full OFF to full ON response in less than 0.1 seconds.

Isolation between the control and power circuits is electrically complete. No phase relationship is required between the line and control voltages. Control Common and Dimmer Neutral are independent.

Dual gooseneck worklights controlled by a solid-state, variable-intensity dimmer are provided for the console's panel illumination.

*Note: The Producer3, Model 196, provides resident memory for up to 40 dedicated pile-on submasters (4 pages of 10 each) and up to 96 crossfading submaster memories (4 pages of 24 each) along with fade patch and chase effects.

The control surface is sloped for ease of use and provides a minimum of the following operator controls and feedback indicators:

    • 60-mm channel sliders (two per channel) arranged in a two-scene X and Y configuration
    • A bump button for each channel and Submaster on the console front panel
    • Grand Master control with timer and LED bar graph indicating fade progress
    • X and Y Crossfader controls with individual timers and LED bargraphs indicating fade progress
    • Recordable timed fades between submasters
    • Record lockout key-switch with associated Record ON indicator
    • Record switch with LED indicator
    • Ten dedicated pile-on Submasters
    • Bump ON/OFF and Bump/Solo switches with associated LED's
    • Bump Level slider
    • Chase Effects section with Rate, Level, and Intensity sliders
    • Panel worklight intensity slider
    • Twenty-button keypad to perform the following functions:
    • Patching of dimmers to channels with proportional levels
    • Assigning specific stage picture to Submasters
    • Assigning fade times between submaster cues
    • Alter a given channel level in an assigned Submaster (blind modification)
    • Select or record one of ten programmable 192-step chases per show
    • Select one of 8 memory-resident programmable shows, each with 24 submaster cues, Softpatch, Chase assignments and 10 dedicated submasters
    • Select One-scene/ 24 channel operating mode
    • Blackout Switch with status LED
    • Channel/Submaster selection switch in each scene
    • Gas Fluorescent Display
    • RCU (optional)
    • Hand-held Remote Control Unit allows remote control of the control console functions.Printer port -- Parallel IBM Printer Port to output patch, chase, submaster information.
    • Sequencer
    • Allows playback of up to 192 submasters cues from eight pages of submaster memory in a stack of cues. A submaster out of sequence may be inserted into the stack. Playback may be manual or automatic with timer.
    • CRT (optional)
    • A detached 14 inch color VGA monitor complete with power and signal cables. Display shall be graphics quality with a minimum of 640 x 480 dots per line horizontal resolution and 480 lines vertical resolution.

The console is equipped with a 3.5" industry standard disk drive which may be used for library storage and retrieval of information programmed into the console.

All console components are of current manufacture at the time the console is shipped from the factory. Where possible, components bear the actual maker's name and part number. Resistor markings are industry standard color codes.

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